Where traditional craftsmanship meets tomorrow’s technology...

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One of our best assets to achieve this is our customised Computer Aided Design system specifically configured for the planning and designing of upholstered products. This allows us to input a thumbnail or line sketch and ultimately arrive at specific drawings and templates ready for production. This method allows us to be right first time in the development and manufacturing process without loosing anything of the design or the original idea.

We are convinced that if any of the old time furniture makers had access to todays technology. Like us they would have customised it to their own ends and used it to enhance their product. Our main aim here is to be completely free in our approach to the whole upholstery design and manufacturing area. This freedom in design leading to manufacture means we have very few limitations as to what we can achieve. We are in fact only limited by our own imagination. By merging technology with craft we can be totally free to manufacture the products to suit customer requirements. It also goes without saying that as we are the drivers of the system, input from us is essential.

Our approach not only produces an upholstered piece that is unique and bench made it is also offers a green product, as the the normal use of materials which do not bio-degrade at their life's end are greatly reduced, and are replaced with more traditional fillings which do bio-degrade at the end of their life. The most exciting thing here however is the potential to achieve new and exciting designs at reasonable prices without mass manufacture. The craft approach also allows for successful recover and renovation extending the life of the product even further. What is produced here is not just a through away at the end of its life. We can and will recover it for you.

Finally going green with durability and quality in Scotland is one of our companies main aims. The company name. “The Art of Upholstery Ltd”, expresses exactly what we are trying to say and achieve. Good Design is made a reality with serious input from the artisan and co-operation of the designer. This means that experience and input from a tradesman is vital.

We are a father and son team both upholsterers first and we have over 80 years experience between us in producing high quality bench made upholstery. Take a look at us and our products and judge for yourselves.

Jim & Paul Mulrine